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FinTech Day is the annual flagship Baltic conference dedicated to FinTech innovation

At FinTech Day, industry leaders, disruptors, and visionaries converge to explore the cutting-edge of digital finance and connect with key
stakeholders, gaining invaluable insights into the future of financial technology.

Rockit workspace

What is Rockit?

ROCKIT is a place where great ideas for Fintech and Sustainability are not only born but also put to test. Our dynamic community brings together entrepreneurs, disruptors and decision-makers to co-create a better future one project at a time.

We provide an inclusive space for networking and knowledge sharing by offering flexible coworking options, access to events, acceleration programmes, and more.



Rockit Impact Accelerator


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Every rocket needs a launchpad. Swedbank sees the potential benefits that Fintech can deliver to their 8 million customers. And as future thinkers, they decided to be the launchpad for ROCKIT, a dynamic space for fresh ideas and meaningful collaboration. Their support of the Lithuanian startup community is the fuel that is enabling Lithuanian people and businesses to shoot for the stars.

Rockit powered by Swedbank
Rockit community

Our community is our compass. It gives us direction and momentum to grow. We are proud to be bringing together first-time founders and experienced executives, passionate sustainability advocates and top decision-makers. All with a vision for a better tomorrow.