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Project "Startuolis"


Effective innovation framework establishment for the creation, acceleration and development of startups and promotion of product idea development through hackathons and incubation services (SEIV system) (STARTUOLIS)


No. 02-025-K-0001

Implementation period: 2024 Feb. - 2027 Feb.


Project Objective: To create a coherent system for promoting innovation in central and western Lithuania.


Project Description: 

The project aims to assist startups in central and western Lithuania in their growth and development, establish a sustainable, resilient, and thriving innovative business community within the country, and reduce innovation disparities between the capital's business environment and other regions.

Building on ROCKIT’s success in cultivating a dynamic innovation ecosystem in Vilnius, we are now poised to extend our expertise to central and western Lithuania.

Our program offers a comprehensive suite of services including acceleration programs, training, and networking opportunities, designed to support the growth of startups across the country. We invite innovative individuals, teams, and businesses interested in open innovation to join us in this program.

Expanding to the Kaunas and Klaipėda regions, ROCKIT will provide incubation services, hackathons, and pre-acceleration programs, leveraging our proven experience to build a supportive startup community nationwide. Our mission is to lead in financial technology and sustainable innovation, ensuring startups across Lithuania have the resources, knowledge, and network to thrive.


Financed by European Union funds for 2021-2027

Project value: 979 567,09 Eur

Project funding: 832 632,03 Eur

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