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Eastnine Proptech Innovation Camp

"We are looking for ideas that redefine how a modern building is built, managed, and used. Founders, get a chance to test and implement your proptech solutions at major buildings in Lithuania. Test, adapt, innovate, win"

Lithuania Proptech Innovation program aims to find, support and fund the next startup unicorns that will redefine Proptech in Lithuania. The first event of the program is Innovation Camp, an intense 1-week program where you can:

  • Participate to build your team, find relevant advisors, validate your idea with top market experts and get an early investor feedback

  • Win an award - ROCKIT Vilnius membership

  • Be chosen to the acceleration stage of the program, for further business development and investments

  • Be chosen for a business pilot with one of program partners

  • Network with local and international professionals, startups, investors and indistry-specific experts.


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