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Rockit Cyber Security Hackathon “Lost in Identity”

People without any ID are excluded from accessing basic financial services such as making payments, saving, getting credit, and insurance. Nowadays Digital Identity and its security is no less important and can unlock a range of basic and empowering services for individuals, including financial inclusion, healthcare, and education. Taking into account the digitalization of our lives and the latest news about data leakage ROCKIT sees a problem in the society - growing dependence on networked digital systems, products, and services and the rise of cyber threats which now infiltrate the daily lives of individuals and threaten the stability of the economy. The aim of this Hackathon is to foster the regional development of the start-up/tech ecosystem and encourage innovative solutions related to the cybersecurity domain from a digital persona point of view.


Raised by ROCKIT:

Raised by Vinted: 1st: /

Raised by Soverio:

Raised by TeleSoftas:

Raised by Vilnius Legal Hackers:

Raised by Vilnius Municipality:

Raised by the Bank of Lithuania:

Raised by Swedbank Lithuania:

Raised by ESET Lithuania:

Raised by NRD Cyber Security:


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