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Rockit Impact Report: from why to how

In Lithuania and the surrounding region, sustainability is still a new kid on the block, so it’s even more exciting to see how innovative businesses are making a positive impact. With the right mindset and attitude, anyone, no matter how small, can help make the world better, greener and fairer.

At ROCKIT, the Home for Fintech and Sustainable Innovation, we understand the responsibility and potential value of leading the way when it comes to sustainability-driven innovations in the region. As the link between Fintech and sustainability is still rarely communicated, we see it as our mission to show how these two areas can coexist.

With the help of this report, we want to take a deep dive into the impact ROCKIT and our members are already making, take a snapshot of the current situation and challenges, and provide a vision for the future. It’s more than just understanding where we stand today, as we want tomorrow’s achievements to be even more remarkable.

Download Report

Rockit impact report _From why to how_
Download PDF • 16.27MB


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