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Wind of change at ROCKIT

There is nothing permanent except change

- Heraclitus

In a vibrant, growing, and innovating fintech ecosystem, continuous change is inevitable. ROCKIT is no exception - after two exciting and successful years of leadership, our Head Šarūnė Smalakytė is up for the changes and is passing her role.

In its first years, ROCKIT has solidified a leading position in the Lithuanian fintech and innovation sectors, created meaningful partnerships and strengthened the fintech community in Lithuania.

Working in close collaboration with institutions like Bank of Lithuania, Invest Lithuania, Ministry of Finance, GovTech Lab, Fintech Hub LT, and Fintech Lithuania, ROCKIT organized many important projects like Lithuanian Fintech Map, Fintech Ecosystem Builders Meetup, Fintech Awards, Fintech Week and met with a number of inspiring fintech leaders from all around the world.

“Having a passionate, collaborative, and constantly growing community is the biggest achievement that ROCKIT stands for. I feel very honored to have work with this community development from its first days to the point where it makes Lithuania loud and proud globally. I want to sincerely thank the whole team, which has been the real powerhouse in shaping the ROCKIT that is today. I hope that the effort towards our shared mission will continue and ROCKIT name shines with an even bigger spark.” - said Š.Smalakytė.

The professional network that ROCKIT managed to build is an irreplaceable foundation for all it does. Established strong partnership with Swedbank Lithuania has led to an exchange of ideas and support in projects and activities fostering sustainability and innovation.

“I am proud of the role that ROCKIT has played in nurturing the Lithuanian fintech ecosystem in the past few years, and the similar role it is taking up in support of sustainable innovation. Innovation from a thriving start-up community is in everyone’s interest. Šarūnė, a heartfelt thank you for your passionate work growing the community and driving ROCKIT forward!” - said Remy Salters, Chief Financial Officer at Swedbank Lithuania.

Today, ROCKIT is excited to welcome the new Head of the organization - Lina Žemaitytė-Kirkman.

Lina has a strong interest in robotics for processes and customer service automation, open banking solutions, and sustainability. She embodies the values and culture that are central to ROCKIT and can’t wait to join the energetic and forward-looking team that makes things happen. Being empowering team player, Lina will both build on the solid base that Šarūnė has created and bring fresh thought into ROCKIT and the broader community.

“ROCKIT has secured its name as THE place to be for fintech startups that are changing and shaping market rules. I am honored to be given this opportunity – it is certainly an offer that you just can’t say ‘no’ to!” – said Lina Žemaitytė-Kirkman, the new Head of ROCKIT.


For more information, please contact:

Kamilė Mazrimė

Rockit events and public relations

+370 652 53218


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