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Fintech in Lithuania

ROCKIT is proud to take its part in boosting the already vibrant Lithuanian Fintech sector. With 277 companies, the country is one of the leading Fintech hubs in Europe. ROCKIT builds bridges between incumbents and innovators, startups, and the larger business community. Our project is simple: to unite talent, expertise, knowledge, and vision. 

Fintech in Lithuania. Rockit Projects. Fintech database in Lithuania

Fintech map



Sustainability map 2023

Sustainability map 2023.jpg

Lithuania Map 2022

Blockchain Lithania map 2022.jpg

Maped by Blockchain Lithuania

Lithuania Map 2022

Rockit pattern.png

Contact us

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Land your company on the one and only map of the Lithuanian Fintech ecosystem!

And if you’re already there, keep us updated on the core activities and other important information about your company. Help us keep the map and database an invaluable source on the current state of Lithuania’s Fintech landscape.

We want our map and database to reflect the current state of Lithuania’s Fintech ecosystem. If you’re a Lithuania-based Fintech we haven’t mapped yet, please get in touch today!

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Keep us updated

If we have already added your company to our database but you had some important changes (new logo, expanded business activities), let us know and we’ll update your entry shortly.

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