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Swedbank and ROCKIT Sustainable Innovations Program launch

The Sustainable Innovation Programme aims to help grow early-stage start-ups in the fields of real estate, transport, industry, manufacturing, energy, and other sectors. Also, it will give them the opportunity to test themselves in the business world and check the value of their products in the market. In doing so, we aim not only to inspire start-ups, but also to help them build meaningful relationships with business leaders.

The Sustainable Innovation Programme will provide a full package of knowledge, opportunities and benefits that will help the selected start-ups not only to successfully take their first steps in business, but also to gain momentum in the market.

"War, the energy crisis, record inflation and fears of a possible recession are pushing businesses and governments in Europe to take all possible measures to cope with economic uncertainty. In this context, it is easy to lose sight of long-term goals. But even as we rearrange our priorities, we need to recognise that the real risks of climate change are not going away. Postponing the transformation based on sustainability and innovation will only lead to more uncertainty, both in individual business sectors and in the wider economy", - says Inga Skisaker, CEO of Swedbank Lithuania.

More about the program:

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