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April 10-12d., 2024

Smart City Kaunas Hackathon

KTU biblioteka, Studentų str. 48, Kaunas

Smart Homes
Smart Offices
Smart City

"Rockit" in partnership with "Proptech Lithuania" invites you to the Smart City Hackathon "Smart Homes, Smart Offices, Smart City," aiming to unite brilliant minds living in smart cities, inspired by the vision of a city that evolves and transforms through human innovation. This event is for early-stage startups and individual idea creators looking to turn Kaunas into a leader of smart cities, even without a team.

Smart City Kaunas Hackathon_Rockit

Smart City Kaunas Hackathon

APR 10,  2024

APR 12, 2024

APR 11, 2024

Pitch Day



Meet our mentors, speakers, partners and like minded entrepreneurs!


Smart City Kaunas Hackathon

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