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"The Nightingale of Freedom" NFT

We all have the power of giving. 

About the Project

“The Nightingale of Freedom” is a collection of 265 unique NFT’s. And if feather-painted artworks make it stand out, our donation will make this nightingale fly.


All money raised will be donated to #IAmUkraine fund, that supplies humanitarian aid and life - saving supplies for Ukrainian heroes defending our freedom. Let’s do this together!

Support Ukraine

Here at Rockit we are truthful to both ourselves and our FinTech community. We believe in the power of giving, human kindness and unlimited potential of each individual to stand for what is right!


So this year instead of blowing candles on our birthday cake we invite you to join the fight for freedom and contribute to the support of Ukrainian heroes. 

Artwork by artist Agnė Kišonaitė in collab with more than 400 children from all over Lithuania.

NFT | The Nightingale of Freedom | Agnė Kišonaitė | Rockit

Artist Agnė Kišonaitė collage "The Nightingale of Freedom", 2022

Artist's Agnė Kišonaitė creation process of "The Nightingale of Freedom", 2022

"The Nightingale of Freedom"
NFT Collection

"The Nightingale of Freedom” is a collection of 265 unique NFTs. Here are a few collections of NFTs.

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Frequently asked questions
  • How to set up your Open Sea account?
    Before creating your own OpenSea account, there are some basic items you will need in order to transact on the marketplace. The necessary items are as follows: First thing’s first, you will need to get yourself an Ethereum wallet to store all your cryptocurrency and NFTs, before creating your OpenSea account. You can view a list of wallets accepted by OpenSea here. One of the most common NFT wallets that people prefer to use is If you would like some guidance on how to set up your Metamask wallet, check out this helpful guide: How to Set Up Your MetaMask Wallet. If this is your first time visiting the OpenSea NFT marketplace and you plan on transacting, then you will need to create your account first. Here is how you create your account on OpenSea Go to the Connect Wallet tab, found in the Menu section and choose which type of wallet you are connecting to OpenSea. This will prompt you to digitally sign for approval, confirming that you would like to connect your wallet to the OpenSea marketplace. Once your wallet is connected to OpenSea, you can go to your Profile and update your information in Settings, such as Username, Bio, Email Address, Social Links, and Images. From there, you are all set to go. Generally, after you have set up your OpenSea account you will login by digitally signing, using your wallet.
  • How to Buy an NFT on Opensea?
    Once you have an account set up, and obtain your wallet of choice, all you need to do is deposit (Ethereum on Polygon / wETH) CryptoCurrency to your wallet. Or you can buy it on Open Sea by simply entering your credit card. If you purchase crypto with your credit card the funds will usually be available immediately. Purchasing an NFT on OpenSea is as simple as signing into your Opensea account, and either using the Explore tab, or the Search function to browse for an NFT that sparks your interest. Once you have found an NFT that you would like to buy, select it, then choose Buy Now or Make Offer, if you would like to bid on an item. Finally, you will need to sign for the transaction. If you put an offer in, you will have to wait until the buyer either accepts or rejects your offer. If you end up needing to cancel your offer, you will need to pay a gas fee in order to cancel your bid. If you choose Buy Now however, then the transaction will occur immediately after your digital signature, and the asset will be transferred to your wallet generally within a few minutes. Want to verify that you received your NFT after purchasing? Simply go to the OpenSea Menu, then go to Account, Profile, and then make sure you are viewing the Collected tab. This is where you can find all your NFTs that you have collected on your specific wallet address. Note that your newly purchased NFT make take a moment to populate in your OpenSea account. If you want to verify your transaction on the blockchain, you can do that using
  • How to buy the "The Nightingale of Freedom" NFT?
    Step 1: Connect wallet to open sea We suggest using Metamask(, but you can use any wallets that are supported by Open Sea. When you have connected your preferred wallet and have sufficient funds in it you can go and buy NFT on Opensea. Step 2: Buying NFT Use the search bar to find “The Nightingale of Freedom” or visit the link to the collection here. Step 3 Select the NFT that you want to buy from the NFT collection and choose the “The Nightingale of Freedom”. Step 4 Once you have chosen the NFT, that you would like to purchase, select the NFT and press the “Buy now” button. Step 5 On the newly opened checkout box confirm the price and the NFT you want to buy and check the box that you agree to OpenSeas ToS and click Checkout. Step 6 Confirm purchase by signing the transaction with your Metamask or other selected wallet. A pop-up will open requesting to confirm the purchase. Here you’ll see all the details of your purchases, like the estimated gas fees and the amount of time to process the transaction. You can change the gas fees by clicking on Edit, but keep in mind that lowering gas fees will considerably reduce transaction speed.
  • What is Open Sea?
    OpenSea is an online marketplace built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is the leading place to mint, buy and sell Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain or polygon sidechain. OpenSea also supports NFTs on the Klatyn blockchain; however, it is less commonly used. Because OpenSea is a peer-to-peer Ethereum-based market, users need Ether (ETH) coins to pay fees associated with minting and trading NFTs.
  • What is an NFT?
    NFT stands for Non-fungible tokens. It is a unit of data on a digital ledger called a blockchain, where each NFT can represent a unique digital item, and thus they are not interchangeable. NFTs can represent digital files such as art, audio, videos, items in video games and other forms of creative work. While the digital files themselves are infinitely reproducible, the NFTs representing them are tracked on their underlying blockchains and provide buyers with proof of ownership. Blockchains such as Ethereum and Flow each have their own token standards to define their use of NFTs.
  • How will the donations be distributed?
    All of the funds raised will be sent to a support organization I AM UKRAINE
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