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"The Nightingale of Freedom" NFT

We all have the power of giving. 

About the Project

“The Nightingale of Freedom” is a collection of 265 unique NFT’s. And if feather-painted artworks make it stand out, our donation will make this nightingale fly.


All money raised will be donated to #IAmUkraine fund, that supplies humanitarian aid and life - saving supplies for Ukrainian heroes defending our freedom. Let’s do this together!

Support Ukraine

Here at Rockit we are truthful to both ourselves and our FinTech community. We believe in the power of giving, human kindness and unlimited potential of each individual to stand for what is right!


So this year instead of blowing candles on our birthday cake we invite you to join the fight for freedom and contribute to the support of Ukrainian heroes. 

Artwork by artist Agnė Kišonaitė in collab with more than 400 children from all over Lithuania.

NFT | The Nightingale of Freedom | Agnė Kišonaitė | Rockit

Artist Agnė Kišonaitė collage "The Nightingale of Freedom", 2022

Artist's Agnė Kišonaitė creation process of "The Nightingale of Freedom", 2022

"The Nightingale of Freedom"
NFT Collection

"The Nightingale of Freedom” is a collection of 265 unique NFTs. Here are a few collections of NFTs.

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Frequently asked questions
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