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Earthbanc & Swedbank pilot

Earthbanc has partnered with Swedbank Lithuania to pilot the delivery of carbon and climate reporting for corporate and SME banking customers, opening the door to sustainable finance opportunities.

Searching for the most innovative and effective way to measure corporate customers’ CO2 emissions, Earthbanc has empowered the real busineses bank account data for calculations. Hence companies are able to see not just their CO2 footprint, but on the top to gain insights about potential cost savings and carbon reductions that could be generated through implementing sustainability activities.

Sustainable finance is becoming the new standard across Europe and Earthbanc's innovative fintech makes this transition easy

While most banks are providing sustainable loans in the form of electric car financing and solar loans, Earthbanc’s flagship product – the Sustainable Finance API – allows for a much deeper data-driven approach, automatically generating sustainable loan opportunities from open banking and Internet of things (IoT) data, with weekly sales leads delivered to the lending unit’s inbox and CRM.

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